Nature's EnerQi Wellness Bar and Cafe

About Us

Where we are:

Tucked away just off Main Street in downtown Denville, lies Nature’s EnerQi (see map). It is a quaint shop specializing in exotic teas, fresh fruit and juice smoothies, fresh fruit or lettuce salads, steamed dumplings and pastries, along with many other unique drinks such as the Bubble Milk Teas.   

What we have:

The atmosphere in the store is one of a certain calmness that is only enhanced by the classical and soft music played and the beautiful pictures displayed on a large screen TV in a unique slide show.

Along with the food and drinks offered (see wellness bar menu), Nature’s EnerQi is now stocked with tea accessories, which make wonderful gift items, health and wellness materials such as books, DVDs and CDs all based on living a healthy life and improving your individual wellness. 


For those who have an eye for art, we have unique traditional jade, ceramic and brass items, as well as original artist paintings displayed in our store and available for purchase.


What we believe:


At Nature's EnerQi, we strive to provide products in proportions that can satisfy all the senses while providing balanced nutrition for the whole body, mind and spirit. When all of our senses and nutritional needs are satisfied, it is the greatest feeling.


Our senses of sight, smell and taste are the first guardians of our health before any food is digested and nourishes our body. Before language was invented and Nutrition facts labels were required, humans have depended on those senses to determine what is healthy and necessary to nourish our bodies. For us at Nature's EnerQi, good food is not good enough if it does not taste good and satisfies our primary guardians of our health.


We choose ingredients and products that are as close to how nature provides them for us. Nature has preprocessed these nutrients for us for eons and humans have survived all this time because we have adapted to nature's food processing techniques. We try to make use of that tremendous knowledge base for ourselves and all of our customers.


All of our cooked foods are cooked with water (steamed or brewed), the essense of life on earth. Oil is only used for taste or texture. As a consequence, very little is used. In the first 6 months we have been open, we have used less than a quart of canola oil. Steam can certainly over cook food but it never burns the food or produces any smoke... better for the environment.


Why you might like to stop by:


One only has to come in and try our products to know that we are a store that strives to provide the best tasting healthy food from nature. Our delectable dumplings and fresh fruit smoothies are among the best in the world because nature has provided us with the best.


Here at Nature’s EnerQi we try to promote an air of friendliness and a sense of family with each customer who walks in.  The store holds nothing but smiling faces and friendly conversation; which is enough to brighten any day and strike taste buds with the unique drinks and food offered here.


The exotic tea products range from the simple green or black tea, to cultural teas such as Pu Er or Oolong.  Each tea is brewed to perfection and served with a variety of knowledgeable facts about the benefits and effects of each different type of tea. Nature’s EnerQi is looking to enlighten and serve customers with not only delightful drinks and foods but with an understanding of why they are healthy and what they can do for the customer.         


Our Goal:


Nature’s EnerQi's goal is to serve the growing interest in enjoying and maintaining health with the wonderful foods that nature provides.  Everyone is invited to come in and enjoy a fantastic tasting treat without compromising their current diet.  All of the desserts are cooked with little or no oil, are all steamed, and are decorated to perfection.


By promoting a greater awareness of and senstivity to nature's wonderful gifts and with our customer's own heightened awareness of health, Nature's EnerQi is looking forward to making lifelong customers and friends.  Come in to Nature’s EnerQi, relax a moment; sip some tea with friends and join in the celebration of life!


Our best wishes for your best health.

Nature's EnerQi